Oh yes, I’m a addict. It sounds horrible, but I really am. Maybe you’ve already noticed it, maybe not, but I’m hooked on eye lashes. I’ve tried to stop using them every day, but I feel like a naked frog without them. During my last shopping spree at Primark I kinda fell into a pleasant surprise because they added the Kiss I Envy eyelashes to the range.
These eyelashes are made ​​of high quality human hair and are individually handcrafted. I was so happy to find these lashes at the Primark, that I decided to try them and show you the result.

HOW TO APPLY sized_wimpers kiss
1. Loosen the lashes to size first. Hold the lashes against your eye to decide the length. If the lashes are too big,  you can cut the lash with a small sharp scissor.

 2. I always apply my eyeliner first before putting on my lashes. This is so much easier than after everything is done. And you don’t wanna mess up your lashes once their done, right?

3. This is the most important part. Put some glue on the lash you want to use and wait about 30 seconds until the glue is almost dry.

4. Hold your eye with one hand and stretch it a little bit (like photo above). Meanwhile  you hold your eyelash in the other hand with your tweezers. Close your eye  and apply your eyelash in the same motion to your lash line. This requires some effort, so maybe you have to practice it a few times!

5. Glue the false eyelash on the edge. Press them very gently (with your fingers or tweezers) from outside to inner corner of your eye. Make sure they are tight! sized_IMG_5601

6. Close your eyes half a minute and then press them even momentarily well. sized_IMG_5603

7. Done! They now have to sit well. You can still put on some mascara if you want to. I never apply extra mascara because for that every day look it’s too much. But if your ready to party, don’t hold back and put some on. sized_IMG_5604

 8. Last but not least, I’ve applied some eye shadow to create that smokey eye. Remember I’m not a make up artist, so maybe it doesn’t look that smokey to you, but hey, I’m just a girl who lives in her own Hollywood bubble.

What do you think: YAH OR NAY, let me know if you liked it!


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