Happy girls shine brighter

It’s time to say hi to M.A.C cosmetic festive collection!

Have you seen the Shiny pretty things collection already? No? well, be prepared to lose yourself in hallucinatory hues built to party. I’m talking about shiny and high-intensity pressed glitter eyeshadows created for major sparkle. Metallic matte lipsticks and extra dimension high-lighters for that ‘cheeky glow’ we all love so much.

They say: Less is more and most of the time I will agree with that statement, except during the holiday season. The holiday season is the time to go overboard with being extra. I bet you will look ‘on point’ by doing it too. This special edition contains cute little gift packages that will look great under the Christmas tree too.

Start your holiday prep on time and check out this collection here!


Shiny pretty things M.A.C cosmetics

  • Brush Party – € 49,50
  • Face Compacts – € 39,50

Shiny pretty things M.A.C cosmetics

  • Glow Getter Kits – € 39,50

Shiny pretty things M.A.C cosmetics

  • Goody Bags Eyes – € 39,50

Shiny pretty things M.A.C cosmetics

Shiny pretty things M.A.C cosmetics

  • Party Favours Mini Lipsticks – € 29,50

Shiny pretty things M.A.C cosmetics

  • Party Favours Mini Glitters & Pigments – € 29,50

Shiny pretty things M.A.C cosmetics

  • All Starts Kit – € 29,20

Shiny pretty things M.A.C cosmetics

  • Sweet Assortments Lipstick Kit – € 75,00

  • Lipstick – € 19,50
  • Lipglass – € 14,50
  • Dazzle liner – € 20,00
  • Shiny Pretty Shadow – € 23,00

 M.A.C cosmetic festive collection

  • Extra Dimension Skinfinish – € 32,00

Shine like the whole universe is yours

I’m definitely a fan of the extra dimension highlighter, the texture and pigmentation are ‘off the chain‘.  You can also use the highlighter as an eye-shadow, win-win. I also like the mesmerizing collection of mini lipsticks that will make you look all dressed up on a wild night out. I think this is one of the best holiday collections of M.A.C cosmetic because there is so much to choose from. What are your favorite must-haves?

Will you go for matte or will you go for bright colors and a lot of shine? Let me know, I would love to find out!

This holiday collection is available at Bijenkorf, Hudson Bay, Douglas, and M.A.C cosmetic stores now.


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