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This month has been pretty hectic for me, I’ve been travelling a lot from Africa to India and last week I went to Shanghai. That’s why I haven’t post that much on FLC. But do know, we can stay connected via Instagram and Facebook, most of the time I do some small updates there, just so know.
Because I travel so much I love to have some easy make-up essentials in my beautycase, I’m not that all expensive stuff kind of girl, when a make-up product is cheap but the quality is good, I would absolutely buy it. I found these cute Eye shadow sticks in Shanghai and of course I was willing to try them out. Take a look at the swatches, review and photo’s!
Let’s see if you like them too


eye shadow sticks

Purple metallic look
Bronze Metallic look

Gold Metallic look

Zilver metallic look

All colors  have a  little metallic lustre witch is beautiful on the eyelid . The eye shadow doesn’t feel greasy despite of the lustre and that’s a good sign, because of that it is less likely to sit in the lines of your eyelid and it just looks nicer. I do think  it’s better to use an eyeshadow base underneath the eye shadow stick and for people with oily eyelids it’s a must . The product promises to be waterproof  but it’s really not. The pigmentation is very good, even on dark skin girls this would be a perfect visible product.

I  do like this product, but it’s a keep on “working” eye shadow stick, that means you need to apply it several times during the day to keep it intense!

Sidenote: I bought these eye shadow sticks in Shanghai but there are lots of similar eye shadow sticks you can buy, from M.A.C cosmetics to Rimmel London just give it a try!

Hope you liked this review and I wonder witch color you like best, please let me know!



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