Now that the weather has dropped to 1 degree or less, it’s time to wrap up or cover up yourself. Time to share my 2 winter A-list favourites. Finally  it’s time to really get into my winter wardrobe. I love this  Dyanne+  Josh poncho, it’s comfortable and made from wool with mohair. The quality is amazing and suitable for every size. What I like the most is, that you can dress it up but it’s also suitable for your everyday casual look, and you will still look fabulous.

These boots from Supertrash are something different. These boots got that dare to wear faxtor. I really fell in love with the camouflage print and little pony hairs on the front part of the boots. At first it seemed like they were not that easy to combine. But I soon found out that combining was no big deal at all. Ofcourse I will show you some more options along the way in other fashion post. Because it’s the festive month I had to add a little sparkle, even if it is just a small glim. The black sequin top is accually an oldie, but it gave this outfit just that twist to make it look different as we still are counting down to x-mas. Just to get you into that Holiday season spirit!

I wonder if you like this mix and match look with all these different styles and fabrics? How would you style this poncho or these boots? Share!

Sequin top H&M|Poncho Josh Dyanne+| Faux peplum Skirt M&S mode|Boots Supertrash|Gloves Supertrash|Bracelets Supertrash| Hair by Geneebee|Earrings H&M divided


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