Over the past years I’ve been sharing my outfits on snapchat. Now that I have switched to instagram stories, it seemed like a good idea to share these outfits here with you too. Some of the outfits  made it to the blog but most of them didn’t.

Just a throwback on what I was wearing.

Now let’s make a move to this recap!

[easy-image-collage id=18823]

[easy-image-collage id=18821]

Individuality is your greatest gift.

[easy-image-collage id=18819]

[easy-image-collage id=18716]

The  photo captions were done with snapchat but I’m recently more active on Instagram 

If you have any questions about one of these outfits, don’t hesitate to drop your questions below. I’ll be happy to answer them.

Let me know if you would like to see more of these random “behind the blog” outfits  too?

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