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My last trips are like a distant memory away, I’ve been flying from Peru to New York to jet off again to New Delhi and I’m preparing my trip to Canada as we speak. I get the question “how do you manage?” a lot.

When I’m back at the homebase Amsterdam I always take one day for some me, myself and I recovery time. No phone, no nothing, just me, my bed and Netflix. The rest of my days off, I have to do all the things that mommy’s do and more.

Let’s say: It keeps me from the streets and in the air (lol). When you love and like what you do, it never becomes a problem to stick with it. So, if you’re not doing something that you like right now, don’t hesitate to make a change in your life to find something that you love. I’m not saying it will be easy but I’m sure it will be worth it.

For some reason, I didn’t think I would ever wear overalls. I am honest to say that I didn’t even liked them especially in combination with some flats. Until I found these dungarees in this khaki fresh color. And can you guess? I just fell in love with them so hard I even combined them with these cool espadrille.


Carmakoma Navabi fashion

Zizzi fashion ambassador
fab and luxury curves
Fab and Luxury Curves
fab and luxury curves
Zizzi Fashion
Zizzi fashion ambassador
Primark shoes
Carmakoma coat Navabi fashion

These Zizzi dungarees are a statement on it’s own because of the amazing color. I decided to go for a lace top underneath the overall. I already bought  this top a few months ago, but still found myself having some difficulty in combining it. With this overall I found the perfect match and it all came thru with that little edge I love so much.

Since the weather is flipping and turning on us I needed an in-between weather coat. What do you think of this one? It looks ah-ma-zing right? I found this coat at the Navabi fashion online shop. This coat is from Carmakoma a Danish label. The fabric of this coat is really soft and the sizing is perfect, you will find yourself  high quality pieces once you get to know Carmakoma, so be aware to get hooked.

I’m very excited to find out if you would rock some dungarees like these too?

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What I’m wearing

Coat Carmakoma c/o Nababi Fashion

Lace blouse Primark

Dungarees Zizzi Fashion

Espadrilles Primark



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