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Hi Beautiful you,

I’ve not been keeping up with my blog agenda since I had this terrible hectic schedule last week.  In-between flights I had some exams going on and events to  visit.  Beside all of that I also have my 2 beautiful kids to cuddle. So all in all pretty busy. But now that everything is calm again it’s time to share and enjoy my 3 key Fall pieces.

 Despite the weather being still half-hearted, I love it when the seasons change. Don’t know ’bout you but I’m so ready. Like the weather I’m mixing  that Summer/ Fall feeling. Putting everything together you get this in between look that’s so easy to create.

By now you must know I’m a big fan of the jumpsuit, I’m wearing a classic piece of H&M here.

The colour burgundy is everything to me. I just love this colour so much because you can combine it endlessly away. As you see I’m wearing my 3 fall key pieces in this tinge.  Black is known for the slimming effect, but this jumpsuit puts the accent on my curves. That could be a good thing when you have the right curves popping out. This jumpsuit does both, with the side effect that my belly looks bigger than it actually is, at least that’s what I hope. These shoes are from the Calvin Klein collection, I bought them 1 year ago. But they are still the perfect transition shoe from summer to fall, the colour is still updated and matches this season style.

I’m sure you already found my 3 favourite fall pieces, I love to find out what your favourite key pieces will be this Autumn. Don’t forget to leave a comment below.

Jumpsuit H&M|Hat Primark|Scarf LV|Bag Primark|Shoes Calvin Klein|Hair by Geneebee

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