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Hi guys!

I‘m back in Amsterdam again. Things have been kinda hectic lately that’s way I still got a lot of catching up to do when it comes to my blog. I’ve been taking my camera everywhere so I have lots of pictures to share with you from my past trips that I have made. Make sure to stay tuned!

Today I’m excited to share my all time favorite jungle bomber jacket. I just arrived from Curacao and now that it’s officially spring this bomber jacket is the perfect transition attire that you could have. The print goes beyond beautiful and it even gave me that Versace feeling. I love the black and white borders on the collar and sleeves too, these little details make the bomber jacket look sportive.

I‘ve been getting a lot of dm’s about the flared legging since I’ve already posted this look on Instagram. First of all…Yes, it’s a legging and ever since I’ve received it I’ve been literally living in it. (no shame) Some of you thought it was a pair of pants, but no it’s a legging and although I’m not a flared pants kinda girl, I totally love this flared legging. The fabric is a little thicker so you won’t have to worry that it will shine through. I have to make a side note when it comes to sizing, I’m wearing one size smaller because of the stretchiness of the legging. I would definitely recommend to buy at least one size down.

Don’t forget to pair your outfit with some cool sunglasses and you are ready to go!

What I’m wearing




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