Happy Friday!

The end of the week is here, and I definitely need a weekend break! I had a lot of meetings and dates this week. From business to dates with my dearest friends.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. You probably heard this statement more often. your appearance is a compliment, a nod to everyone you meet. Because my week was fulled with major meetings, it was important to me to leave a good impression.

Being well groomed is a sign of respect and kindness to yourself and others. In a few seconds you get an idea of ​​the other person, and the other way around. Depending on the meeting that is, but most of the time I want to look classy but not overdue the look. I choose to wear jeans with a nice classic blouse and heels.  After all, you want to be taken seriously. I absolutely love trench coats in the overall, I think that they have something powerful as long as you wear it naturally good.


plus size fashion blogger



van haren shoes


 Choose clothes that fit your figure and personality. Only join a trend if it flatters your figure. But If you still want to participate in a trend, make it subtly come back in your accessories. Once again play with colors! Make-up can also do so much for you. I matched my lipstick with my purple blouse. I know, it’s a dare thing and it doesn’t suit everyone, but what I mean to say is: 

You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward  and  uncomfortable when you try something new

What’s your first impression on this look?

What I’m wearing

Pants H&M| Blouse H&M|Blouse H&M|Shoes Van Haren|Sunglasses Primark| Bag LV| Hair by Isabelle International|Watch purple fashion statement Market|Earrings Jewelz



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  1. Die jas is fantastisch. Ik heb ‘m in het zwart. De kleur die jij hebt heb ik niet gezien, maar is zeker ook een pareltje om te zien.

    • Hai @macblogster,

      Thanks! Ze hadden er verschillende modellen van, ook zonder mouwen. Deze jas is nu zelfs in de uitverkoop, kijk anders even online 🙂
      Mocht je denken…ik wil em toch graag hebben voor erbij 😉

      xxx Saskia

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