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Today I’m showing you a piece of my alter ego.

I reject the notion of dressing for my “body type” more and more. I rather think of ‘no fashion rules’ and putting on what I like. I decided to accept my body. It feels like I’ve been awakened! With this freedom came trying out different styles and brands. Because I don’t label my size with just one fashion brand, this fashionista thing becomes so much more fun every day. Take this extravagant pencil skirt, I absolutely love it because it’s hugging my curves. It’s also flattering and comes with an edge of lace. Oh, how dig this style! I combined my Coolcat skirt with a Forever 21 glitter dress that I wore as a Tee. Experimenting and trying to find out what works best for me is so much fun and I can really recommend it to you.

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Playing with clothing often brings you the most surprising combinations. If you’re gonna try this experimenting thing, here some beginners tips:

*Don’t stick to plus size fashion brands only

*Mix textures for a chic, minimal, but high-impact outfit

*Add high-shine patent leather for extra drama but remember less is more.

*If you got it, flaunt it!

*Stick to primary colors for an easy eye-catching outfit.

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