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How’s everyone doing? Can’t believe it’s already April. It really doesn’t matter if your having fun or not, time flies, period. The weather is so lovely lately and these sunny days need to be combined with some color. I’m excited to update you with the cutest cool blue lace top.

I’m a sucker for mixing trends in one look. Lace is a classic and my all time favorite attire, I really have quite a bit of it in my closet all ready. Accept for this cool blue turtleneck top of course (hihi). I have to admit that it wasn’t my first choice to begin with but as soon as I tried it on I was hooked. It’s different in every aspect.

It’s not always easy to stand out in the crowd, most of the time it’s easier to go with the flow. I get that! But why follow when you can stand out and be the leader of the pack. I’m always seeking for something different, when the crowd go left I go right even if it doesn’t directly shows.

Sometimes I get the compliment: ‘Everything looks good on you‘, but you know what?….Before I show you my outfits or even walk out of the comfort of my home, I probably tried on ten different pieces before I’m satisfied with my look. ‘I got my insecurities’, my ‘bad hair days’ and my ‘I feel fat days’ too, but don’t we all?  Never stop challenging yourself.

I decided to go for my Marina Rinaldi wide plisse pants to combine my Zizzi top with. I like this oversized look very much, it instantly makes me feel happier. Many women often feel intimidated by wearing a bold color like this cool blue, but this season couldn’t be a better time to try it out and stand out of your comfort zone.  Not feeling confident yet? Try layering your look or breaking it up with solid black.

What’s your favorite spring color?

“If you can’t fly, then run
If you can’t run, then walk…If you can’t walk, then crawl
but whatever you do, don’t give up”.

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What I’m wearing

Cap H&M|Lace top Zizzi|Black pants Marina Rinaldi|Sneakers Adidas superstar



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