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Today I’m sending you some fashion love from one the most amazing cities in the world. Oh yeah, I’m in Rio de Janeiro! I’ve been flying around the world for 16 years now, and although Rio was on my priority list, it just never happened.

  I‘m Sure you can imagine  that I had a lot on my to do list or better said, to see list. Starting now by saying: “Hai” from one of  Brazil top attractions the Sugarloaf mountain.

rio 11 Rio de Janeiro

rio 13 rio 19Fab and Luxury curves rioRio de JaneiroFab and luxury Curvesfab and luxury

As you can see I’m wearing this very casual seightings outfit to visit the mountain top. The weather was flipping turns from 22 degree to 31, so it was very hard to estimate what to wear for the day. I have to admit, being the fashionista that I am, I changed clothes every single time I made pit stop at the hotel. Hi,hi, so much fun having Rio the Janeiro as my catwalk runway for 6 day´s.

 Because of the many robberies, wearing  jewelry was not recommended. I felt so bare without jewelry, so I decided to spice up my outfit with a hat and big round sunglasses. With this outfit I was ready to climb any mountain in Rio, don’t you just love the view? I´m so excited to share it with you!

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Hat Primark|Ripped Jeans H&M|Blouse H&M|Sandals Supertrash old|Hair by Geneebee

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