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While I’m working on this post, the authentic sound and raw body work, without any sugar coating is blowing tru my speakers, the Queen B did it again. She was silent for a long time and worked hard, leaving us with this complete iconic story called #Lemonade.

Most of us can identify to the stories being told on her soundtrack. I can definitely relate to this album. I’ve been cheated on, I’ve been called fat, and I sure know a “Becky with the good hair”. I fought, I struggled and I’m still working through the mess. But hey, we got this brillant soundtracks to keep us going. ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you  stronger’. Oh, and when life gives you lemons, make lemonade or grab some tequila and salt.

Thank you Beyonce, now I have to call in sick for work because you gave me 12 new tracks to rehearse. (lol)

Today I’m showing you this striped suit from Junarose Global.


Junarose global style insider
Junarose style insider
Junarose global

fab and alauxury Curves

Fab and Luxury Curves
Fab and Luxury CurvesJunarose global style insider

Suits give you some kind of authority, don’t you think? My experience says they do! Most of the time we choose to wear suits to the office, but why not slay a suit during your private out and abouts? (wink)

Sometimes you have to step up to the plate to hit a homerun, and what better  way to do that in a nice blue suit. The fabric is very light and wearable. I’m keeping it fun and sexy by pairing my suit with a lace bodysuit underneath the jacket. You must know by now that I love to show some femininity. Femininity is something strong, and something every woman owns. Autentic feminity is a combination of class, tenderness and confidence.

“when life gives you lemons make grape juice. Then sit back and watch as the world wonders how you did it”.

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What I’m wearing

Striped suit Junarose global 

Lace body Top Shop

Shoes and earrings Primark (past season)

Leather clutch  local market Hong Kong



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