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This fall, it’s so good to be a girl. I embrace my femininity with this white attire from By Ashley Steward. I bought this skirt and white top during my stay in New York. This chiffon skirt is everything, it’s the chicest skirt I own at the moment. To make this outfit look less overwhelming I ‘m combining it with an oversized denim jacket. Playful and fun, right?

All-white is incredibly elegant and versatile at the same time. Lately I’m totally into skirts, they give me that Dorothy feeling, “Can’t you feel a brand new day too?!”

How cool is it, that we can show the world that we got liberty to wear what we want, no matter what size or shape we have. I’ll say: let’s twirl on that, gal!

Show your #goldenconfidence to he world.


Ashley Steward

fab and luxury curves
Ashley Steward
By Ashley Steward
by ashley steward

“Me? Crazy? I should get down off this unicorn and slap you”.

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What I’m wearing

Top and Skirt By Ashley Steward

Heels Zalando



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