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Now that the weather is getting colder and the days shorter it’s time to unwind and relax just a little bit more. Sometimes I just can’t get a hold of it all, as life swallows me up and I really need some time to calm down a bit from the hectic we are living in.

With this knowledge I really needed to share The Ritual of Light with you. Nothing is more important than finding your inner peace and serenity. With this new limited edition you will find a portion of the age-old ceremonies with the agent point: ‘Our inner light, the human soul’.

As I’m still recovering from pulmonary embolism, this package came as a gift from heaven. I really need some  ‘me’  time right now, and how phenomenon it is to find a moment of refection and inner light in these products of Rituals.

A nice escape from the outer world.

Ritual of light

Ritual of Light

As you all might know, I’m a very big fan of Rituals. It’s obvious to many of us to take good care of our skin. What I like about Rituals in general, is the freshness all the products leave you with. The perfume of all the products is just so ah-ma-zing, they just give me life!

One of my favorite products must be the foaming shower gel. The soft foam leaves your skin silky and fresh.

The smell of this limited edition is orange blended with a warm aroma of cinnamon. Very appropriate for these cold dark days. But I have to mention that the smell is slightly heavier than I’m normally used to, from Rituals. Nevertheless the smell is still freaking good.

Ritual of light

To finish my skin care moment, I always use a moisturizing body cream. It keeps my skin hydrated, but most of all… It lets me enjoy the scent a little bit longer. A luxury I love very, very much.

Ritual of light

To complete my ultimate inner light experience, this candle is so beautiful and the fragrant is once again very very nice, it brings warmth into your home during these colder days.

I would definitely recommend this as a holiday gift.

“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until
we make peace with ourselves.
It’s your light that lights the world”.

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Products used

Bath of light bubbles

Illuminating foaming shower creme

Pure light body cream 

The Ritual of light candle


These products are gifted by Rituals, all opinions are my own

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