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Finally, I found the time to tell you all about my Dubai trip. A few days before I left I received a package from Pink Clove UK. Just in time for my weekend trip to the United Arab Emirates.

Although I was hoping for an exciting desert safari, I decided to go for a more laid back city trip with the girls of my crew. We actually decided to call it the Sex and the City girls trip. Remember Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte going to Abu Dhabi?, Well something like that, (So funny)…

How to explore Dubai in 24 hours?

We already decided to go and take a look at the Dubai Mall and have some cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory while we were at it. I mean, girls gotta eat, right? The Dubai Mall also features one of the biggest and most impressive aquaria in de world, sharks and rays included!

You will also find a lot of stores where you can spend your money. I mean, it’s the biggest mall in the world! I haven’t seen all the stores but you will find stores like Sephora, Missguided, Forever 21, Bath & Body works and so many more in the mall.

We decided to explore the city with the Hop on hop off bus. It’s one of the best ways to see all the highlights. I have visited Dubai before but I was surprised that there is so much to do and see than skyscrapers and malls.

I will go back soon as Dubai took me by surprise.

Don’t miss out on 

La Mer: One of the newest hotspots in Dubai. Whether you want to spend a day at the beach, hang around and chill at one of the cool restaurants and cafes, or stroll around as I did, La Mer is a beautiful place.

Dubai Marina: One of the most favorite parts of Dubai must be Dubai Marina with all the cafes, food trucks, restaurants and of course skyscrapers. If you are a city girl like me, you will like this place.

Burj Khalifa: Another top of the bill thing to do is visiting the highest building in the world. It’s probably the most famous attraction by now, but you haven’t been to Dubai without enjoying the amazing views from up there.


I already told you that I received a package from Pink Clove just before jetting off to Dubai. This amazing body-con dress was one of the dresses Pink Clove send to me. I absolutely loved it! The color and fabric are just amazing and flattering for the fuller figure. Make sure to follow me on Instagram to find some more styles and I’ll be sharing my adventures there too.


Laguna La mer Dubai

La mer Dubai

La Mer Dubai

Pink Clove Dress
Dubai La MerPink Clove dress

Wearing: Dress  Pink Clove || Shoes Van Haren || Bag Ibiza || Hat  Primark


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