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By the time you read this, I’m on may way to New York. I’m very excited because it’s been a year since I’ve been there. There was a time I visited ‘The city that never sleeps’ once a month. I just had an overkill on shopping and the fast life, so I decided to skip the USA for a while. If you like, you can follow my journey on snapchat @Fabluxurycurves. I will share my madness and craziness over there.

I‘m keeping today’s post short because I still have to pack my suitcase. I have a loving relationship with jumpsuits, I love the easy polished look, and you can rock it out at any size. Never shy away from showing your curves!

Now let’s show some love for this flirty jumpsuit, enjoy!

fab and luxury curves

curvy fashiin blogger
Junarose global
Curvy fashion blogger
jumpsuit Junarose global
Jumpsuit Junarose
Fab and luxury Curves
Van Haren schoenen
Junarose style insider

The fabric of this jumpsuit is very lightweight. Ideal for spring and warmer temparatures. The only drawback is that the substance rapidly crease. Other than that I think this is a hot style. I’m combining this jumpsuit with a lot of fringed style staples. My favorite obsession trend has always something to do with ‘that’ boho look. I know that not everyone is charmed by this look, but I love it. I love to have “Kanye days”.  Don’t like it? Does it look like I care?  Kanye West is known for his overly confidence. (lol)  Even though I’m not a fan of him, you got to give that to him tho. He has that #goldenconfidence, throwing it around like confetti.

We got this confidence girls, we can do this!


~Fred Durst~

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What I’m wearing

Jumpsuit Junarose Global

Shoes Van Haren

Sunglasses Betsy Palmer

Fringed necklace H&M (past season)

Faux leather jacket H&M (past season)



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