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After detoxing my closet last week, I noticed that my Lingerie stash looked kinda empty. I do got a lot of spanx and shapers but lingerie?….Nothing appealing at all. Maybe that’s the reason I’m still single, or do I just don’t care anymore since I’m single? Haha…

Shame on me, was my very first thought. Buying cute underwear could be a real hassle but also fun at the same time. When you wear beautiful lingerie it can give you that confident and sexy feeling that you deserve.

 There are just not that many options available in higher size ranges. I want cute affordable lingerie without breaking the bank and without sacrificing on design or support. (I know somebody is going to be mad right now) But let’s be real…some of us can’t afford high-end, cosmo lingerie.

Although I’m a bra size 75 E/F  and size bottom 46 (eu), I’m having a hard time finding Lingerie that meet all the above wishes.

So when I visited Primark I was very surprised about the options they got. Never did I know that they catered to bigger, fuller breast girls too. Did you?

My eyes were immediately drawn to this ‘balcony’ drop death gorgeous lace bra. Perfect, just perfect for the girls, I thought! Of course I was skeptical about the sizing and fit, but when I put on the bra…. I have to admit that the size and fit where perfect. You can feel the difference in fabric and price, I will not deny that. The fabric of this bra is a bit stiff, I personally don’t mind since this is a low budget option.

Perfect when you don’t have a lot to spend but still would love some beautiful lingerie.

Primark carries cup sizes up to size G and bottoms up to size 46, hopefully in the future they will stock bigger bottom sizes too.

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