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We have entered the year 2018. I can’t believe how fast the year 2017 past by. I enjoyed keeping you updated on my personal fashion style and I really appreciated all the comments and love I received from you on all my social media channels. Thank you so much!

  Every style has a little story. 2017 was all about overcoming my fears, getting out of my own box and sharing the body positivity message. Therefore you must know by now that it is perfectly okay not to be perfect.

You don’t have to live up to all the standards of the social media pictures you see these days. Just draw some inspiration from people who inspire you and mix it into your style. There is no good or bad when you create your own fashion sense. With a little self-love, you will come a long way. Love your body and love your skin, because if you don’t love or like yourself why should others?

Surround yourself with positive thoughts and people. You deserve it!

I made a small caption of my 2017 outfits. Let’s talk fashion and start 2018  with a little recap. 

1) https://www.thecurvychapter.com/lifestyle/primark-active-wear/ 
   2) https://www.thecurvychapter.com/my-fashion-style/hot-line-bling/

3) https://www.thecurvychapter.com/lifestyle/primary-active-wear-2/

     4) https://www.thecurvychapter.com/my-fashion-style/love-is-in-the-air/

5) https://www.thecurvychapter.com/my-fashion-style/how-to-look-festive/

7) https://www.thecurvychapter.com/my-fashion-style/valentines-day-date/

8) https://www.thecurvychapter.com/my-fashion-style/flower-power/

9) https://www.thecurvychapter.com/my-fashion-style/fox-factor/

10) https://www.thecurvychapter.com/my-fashion-style/cool-blue/

11) https://www.thecurvychapter.com/my-fashion-style/garden-collection/

12) https://www.thecurvychapter.com/my-fashion-style/tribal-prints-stella-jean/

13) https://www.thecurvychapter.com/my-fashion-style/printed-pants/

14) https://www.thecurvychapter.com/my-fashion-style/what-to-wear/

15) https://www.thecurvychapter.com/my-fashion-style/city-look/

16) https://www.thecurvychapter.com/my-fashion-style/bohemain-style/

16) https://www.thecurvychapter.com/my-fashion-style/swimsuits-for-all/
 17)  https://www.thecurvychapter.com/my-fashion-style/festival-style/


18) https://www.thecurvychapter.com/my-fashion-style/70-dress/


20) https://www.thecurvychapter.com/my-fashion-style/prima-donna-swim/

21) https://www.thecurvychapter.com/news/join-the-revolution/

22/23) https://www.thecurvychapter.com/my-fashion-style/style-lookbook/

24) https://www.thecurvychapter.com/my-fashion-style/little-black-t-shirt/

        25) https://www.thecurvychapter.com/my-fashion-style/plus-size-metallic-skirt/



      28) https://www.thecurvychapter.com/my-fashion-style/pearl-jeans-ms-mode/

29) https://www.thecurvychapter.com/my-fashion-style/pretty-little-thing/


31) https://www.thecurvychapter.com/my-fashion-style/zara-trackpants/

32) https://www.thecurvychapter.com/my-fashion-style/back-to-black-2/

33) https://www.thecurvychapter.com/my-fashion-style/december-to-remember/

34) https://www.thecurvychapter.com/my-fashion-style/ms-mode-party-season/

35) https://www.thecurvychapter.com/my-fashion-style/holiday-season-looks/

36) https://www.thecurvychapter.com/my-fashion-style/longline-puffer-velvet-coat/

37) https://www.thecurvychapter.com/my-fashion-style/oversized-hoodie/

38) https://www.thecurvychapter.com/news/ivy-park-kiest-voor-diversiteit/

39) https://www.thecurvychapter.com/my-fashion-style/jd-sports-pink-soda/


40) https://www.thecurvychapter.com/my-fashion-style/summer-transit-style/


I hope you liked seeing my favorite outfits of 2017. I definitely did. It’s so interesting to see my style evolving over the years. My style changed a little bit, especially at the end of the year. I never had a particular style but now I’m more outgoing, more urban, closer to my roots when it comes to my fashion sense, and I love it.

Maybe it’s because I worry less about what other people might think. I seriously don’t care anymore. If I like it, I wear it!

I’m excited to find out what 2018 will bring. What’s your favorite outfit of 2017?

I hope you like this post, please let me know in the comment bar below. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask them. I’ll be happy to answer them.

 More styles are coming up soon, make sure to stay tuned.

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