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I‘m glad you’re back again. I’m always happy to share my personal style with you. Fashion is something I’ve always been passionate about. Sharing my own opinion on how to wear, style and buy isn’t always an easy hobby. Talking about inspiration, a couple of weeks ago I received an awesome invitation from Wehkamp (online shop).

I got the chance to take a look behind the scenes  (dutch) of this awesome company. I didn’t know what to expect but curious as I am, I couldn’t resist.  I’m always ready to inhale some fresh inspiration and boy, oh boy….

It’s always interesting to see a proces, from an idea to production, to how to style, and how all the good stuff ends in our online shopping basket at the end of the day.

During this guided tour, I saw part of the autumn collection, and I have to admit that I liked most part of it. My eyes were immediately drawn to this faux leather A-line skirt I’m wearing here. (heart eyes)

Totally in love with this color and model, I decided to do some online shopping at Whekamp myself. Never a doll moment, ha! I love the rapid delivery part too, shop today and receive the day after, whoohoo! Just the way every fashionista like it.

Obsessed with this skirt I would probably bomb this skirt to my blogger musthave, yep!

Enjoy 😉

whkmp's OWN

Fab and Luxury curves
Fab and Luxury curvy blogger
whkmp's OWN
whkmp's OWN

“I wish every time I liked an outfit during my online shopping spree, it would magically appear in my closet”.

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What I’m wearing

Sweater River Island (past season)

Faux leather skirt Wehkamp’s Own

Wedges past season



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