My favorite beauty look always has something to do with thick eyeliner. I find them so flattering, feminine, sweet but also powerful.

Because my eyeslids are small and kinda Asian, I always go for a bigger cat eye winged liner. What I love the most of winged eyeliner is the fact that you can wear it to any occasion. It’s never too much.

Finding new beauty products is like a party to me, so when I got the chance to test the liquid eyeliner from Mimax Make-up  I couldn’t be more excited.

I’m very critical when it comes to eyeliner. This are my personal conditions my eyeliner at least have to meet up to:


The color should be jet-black

The color should  successfully tackle the first time it touches my eyelid. 

It should not be watery

It should dry up matte

It should not smudge and can it be long wear too?

Quite a lot of demands, I know…. so let’s head over to my Mimax Make-up eyeliner and mascara review.


My first impression: ‘This is the slimmest liquid bottle I’ve ever seen’. It comes with a ultra thin brush that makes it easy to apply your liner in a continuous flow. It helps you with thin lines but also with a full fat liner with ease. The good thing is that you don’t need much of the product to get the desired look.

Achieving the right eyeliner could be a struggle, it takes time to find the balance. Practice will be the key here. Remember I’m not a MUA or Pro. I’m just like you, finding my way into the perfect eyeliner.

Well I got some good news: this eyeliner meets up to my above named wishes, hooray!


To complete my cat eye eyeliner look I used the MiMax mascara  to put some extra formula to my lashes. This mascara comes with a cobra brush. I once again love the small package of this mascara. The brush fits comfortably in my hand while you applicate the mascara. It separated the lashes as you rolled on the mascara. Big plus!

This mascara has a thick brush, it’s jet-black and it doesn’t smudge. Looking at price and quality I would certainly recommend this mascara to you, If you’re trying to find a good mascara.


The look I created is a very fresh natural look with some cat eye winged drama. It’s a fashionable beauty look and most definitely one of my signature looks. Even when the cat eye wing is a tricky skill to master  this MiMax eyeliner will help you through.


“May your day be as flawless as your make-up”.

Stay tuned for more reviews with MiMax-Make-up.

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Products I used

c/o MiMax Make-up:

Eyeliner| Mascara|Blusher| Lipliner

For more product and store information go here

*sidenote: Necklace  Super Stylish –Just G



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