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This year I dropped the feeling that everything could be better, bigger and more beautiful, I just enjoyed the ride called ‘life’.  Being my own story of my life I’ve realized that I have so much to be thankful for, even without the above mentioned things.

‘Life is like a box of chocolade, you never know what you are you’re gonna get’. So you might as well eat those damn chocolates when you get the chance!

I‘m always focussing on affirmations of self love ’cause I believe we deserve to see our own beauty every day. And their is beauty in all of us. I might not be as beautiful as you, but I’m as beautiful as me.

Style is a question of personality where we can inspire through being ourselves. I’m telling my story through my fashion style where trends become my own short-lived stories and adventures. With that I started a new chapter, my own chapter, and it called:

Marina Rinaldi


Marina Rinaldi

Marina Rinaldi
Marina Rinaldi

Beside a few little tweaks, everything will remain the same. You will still find your inspiration here without any whining about how things should be. At ‘the curvy chapter’ we work with what we got. It’s all about the positivity babes!

Speaking about beauty and positivity, I’m wearing this jaw dropping attire from Marina Rinaldi here. Wide leg trousers will be the next best thing. Have you seen Lady Gaga rocking her wide leg suits lately? She is something else, but I have to admit that I love her!

This blazer has a feather rim, can we just applause to all this exclusivity? It’s possible to remove the feathers so you can customize the jacket to your occasion and style. You can combine these pieces together, like I did, but you can also choose to wear them separately. It’s your story, remember?

Marina Rinaldi:


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What I’m wearing

Pants and Blazer c/o Marina Rinaldi



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