Without a doubt lingerie must be the most important garment there is. The feeling you get when wearing beautiful lingerie is highly underestimated. Lingerie is something we all could pay just a little more attention to, don’t you think?

I’ve always loved beautiful lingerie, no doubt about that! But to feel good about your body comes with so much more then just loving it. Confidence is a big part of the deal. Like each and every one of us, I have my insecurities too, I do!

I have cellulite (bubble bath on the upper legs) and a belly bumb, but that doesn’t mean I should neglect myself and I can’t wear lingerie, right?

Every woman is in title to look gorgeous and feel good about herself, wearing comfortable underwear every day.

Christine le duc


KissMe Petite Tenue
Satin Teddy desired black 

Live your fantasy xxl

Love me twice top+hipster

Christine Le Duc is expending their collection with practical, comfortable and some more exciting lingerie for curvy women like you and me. Scrolling through the webshop was like strolling through a candy shop, it was hard for me to make a choice, you will find lots of lingerie, that will make your feminine curves come out optimally.

As I’m typing this, I’ve never in my life thought it would come to this. Showing you how pretty I feel in my Christine Le Duc underwear. I guess I’ve grown too, by showing more of myself. I had to grab my guts together since lingerie was a big confidence challenge. But I’ve learned to embrace my body including my belly, hips and cellulite. And at the end of the day it’s about this:

“Curvy, straight or full figured, we all deserve to live our XXL fantasy.

Pretty lingerie makes it all better”.

Do you like to wear lingerie or do you feel more comfortable in basic underwear?

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What I’m wearing

Lingerie Christine le Duc


Satin Teddy black  

Love Me twice top+hipster


This post was in c/o with Christine le Duc, all opinions are my own.

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