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I got spoiled a little earlier this year. When I say spoiled, I really mean spoiled rotten. Because I’m a big ass lady (no denial), I hardly find denim jackets I like. Most of the time the color is not right, the jacket is too short or the fit is worthless. I like to wear my denim jacket oversized, you know…, wishes that lead to not having the perfect denim jacket.

And then Jack&Jones come through for me. They fulfilled all of my wishes, by sending me this bomb ass flawless denim. My own personalized denim jacket! They killed me with perfection. And off course my costume made jacket wouldn’t be perfect without some lemonade.


Junarose global







If you are wondering what’s  written on the back of the Jacket. Well, it says: Liberté, Egalité, Beyoncé. The first two is what the world needs more off and Queen B is just a part of my life. She has a song for each and every experience I went through in my life, without being too dramatic. Oh, and this denim jacket is from the mens department. Dressing out of the box. 😉

Thank you Jack&Jones and Bestseller for this wonderful gift!

Now, put your hands up for this LBD (little black dress). Another stunning piece from Junarose global.

It’s perfect for this festive season, but as you can see you could easily dress it down and wear it through all seasons. There’s nothing better then versatile wardrobe pieces. I love the dotted mesh on the upper part of the dress, very playful and fun.

Do you like this outfit as much as I do and how would you wear this?

“Make your haters your biggest motivaters”.


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What I’m wearing

Jeans Jacket Jack & Jones 

Black dress Junarose Global

Bag Pauls Boutique 

Glitter boots Van Haren



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