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Let’s talk about body-positivity today!

Most of you don’t know that I have been struggling with my weight for over the past twenty years. Looking back now at pictures of me in my younger days make me feel so sad. I wasn’t thick or fat at all during that time of my life but still, I wanted to look different, thinner, smaller so I would be more excepted, and look more beautiful.

More beautiful in that dress, more beautiful in my bikini, I would fit in more and I would be happier because I fitted in. To reach my ‘perfect body’ goal I started losing weight and most of the time I gained more weight than I’d lost. A mindfuck that took me a while to understand. Perfection doesn’t exist, we all know that by now, but still we seem to forget that imperfections don’t exist either.

Body-positivity is something that starts from the inside, you have to love yourself first, you have to love every inch of your body to feel positive about your body. Putting yourself first isn’t something society learns you by heart. People might find you cocky or self-serving when you tell them what you love about yourself. I totally get that! But there is absolutely nothing wrong with self-love. The first relationship you build is with yourself and that’s a fact.


To love your body and find self-love you have to re-invent yourself and be confident to take charge of your own mind and individual. That’s something that won’t happen overnight when you’re not ready yet. I have told you before that it took me twenty years to accept my body as it is right now. I just turned 44 last month, that means I have been struggling for half of my life with my weight. I have been starving my body, punishing myself for not getting my ass to the gym and I wasn’t going to that amazing party because I was fat (not).

I reached the turning point when I missed out on all the fun because of my insecurities. I learned to let go of ‘ What other people might think ‘. I’m sometimes curvier than other times but my body reminds me of carrying baby’s, letting me dance, taste all this delicious food and feel love.

Being at the place where I am now, I feel free and happier than ever. I have accepted myself at any size.

If I can do it, you can do it too, we are in this together. We got this!




The fashion industry has to take responsibility too when it comes to including every woman. No matter what shape or size they are wearing we would like to see them more, right? Therefore when Junarose Global asked me to be part of the #Bodypositvity movement campaign, I was very honored.

At the end of the day, we all are all beautiful women!

 I hope you enjoyed this post and let’s keep the positivity going, please let me know in the comment bar below. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask them, I’ll be happy to answer them.

If you have anything to add just let me know.

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