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I‘m back in full effect! I pushed the pause button for like a week to catch my breath. Last month flying schedule was killing but also fun. I travelled from Malaysia to New York and made a pitstop in San Francisco.

When I’m at the homebound, I like to wear easy clothes that look good but don’t take any effort. Most women overthink too much. I’m one of them, I know how it feels to have a bad hair, butt or belly day. But you know what? What you see in the mirror is probably not what others see when they look at you.

I asked my friends how they saw me, and their answers were so different than I expected. It gave me a whole other perspective on my self-image. It made me happy and it even liberated me.

Now back to this oversized cute denim jumpsuit. This jumpsuit is so me! As a matter of fact, this whole look is so me.


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Fab and Luxury Curves x Junarose Global
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Denim Jumpsuit

Denim jumpsuit

Fab and Luxury Curves

Junarose Global

Fab and Luxury Curves

Junarose Global


Not to be cocky but I’m feeling myself in this denim jumpsuit from Junarose Global. I love the fabric and color very much.  The color reminds me of something old as in vintage and something new as in the latest trend color. I’m wearing this jumpsuit one size up to create that edgy look that I love.

Ok, I  know this look is not for everyone, let’s say this is the younger version on how to wear. Find another style here.

The main rule of fashion is: ” Wear what you like, wear it how you love it, don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t. Even the best stylist make fashion “mistakes”. I’m not a stylist! I’m just the girl next door, trying to get a feel in this fashion jungle as a curvy girl. Tell me how am I doing?

“With fashion we express. With personality we impress”.

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What I’m wearing

Cap with mesh H&M

Jumpsuit Junarose Global

White bra Action

Suede heels Christian Louboutin

Watch Michael Kors


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