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Today I’m showing an everyday style. A style that actually doesn’t need an occasion. Every girl wants a pair of jeans that fit like a glove, right? That one pair of jeans you can jump in without tossing or turning.  The jeans you know you look good in. Once you find yourself that kind of jeans the rest will be a side note.

Here is mine!

Juanarose ripped jeans

junarose global style insider

Primark blouse

FLC with Junarose jeans

Fab and Luxury junarose jeans

junarose ripped jeans 1

I’m a big fan of distressed or ripped jeans. I was looking for a new pair for a while since I gained a few pounds, and my old favorite pair of jeans remained hanging on my knees. Yikes!  So when I spotted this pair online, I was very eager to try them, let’s note that most brands stop producing a good pair of jeans after size 12.

When I received my distressed jeans I wondered how Junarose cracked the code. These jeans were made for curves, they are all about shape, not size. Although the size label is perfect. I love the fabric and medium blue color. And oh, did I mention that they are so fashionable. With that perfect fit at the booty, I was so ready to go! No further details are necessary. Oh sorry, I wear my skinny jeans with a simple white lace blouse and leopard heels.

 Just remind yourself  that most of the time the best outfits come from casual and basic pieces combined together.

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What I’m wearing 

Lace Blouse Primark

Jeans Junarose Global shop here

Leopard heels Primark

Clutch Michael Kors

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