The 24th of May I visited the Ilovefashionbloggers Q&A event in Rotterdam. I was looking forward to this day, because it was the first time I intended a masterclass. Like me , I can imagine that you are dying to know about the overall experience, right? I made a small video and photo impression. Hope you like it!


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I started my fashion blog to inspire “curvy” woman. By showing my own fashion style  I hope to encourage other woman that they don’t have to be skinny to look beautiful and fabulous. I put my heart into each post, so it would be nice if someone would read it.

Feeling a little lost, the IlovefashionbloggersQA event came at the right time. Being one of the 150 fashion bloggers  at the event I was so excited to learn and meet some fellow fashion bloggers. Jolique  Möller started the event with her  personal inspiring story, she followed her dreams and passion. Worked with the famous and now she’s the owner of Ilovefashionbloggers.  Her story  alone I find inspiring. It showed me that you can reach your goals as long as you work hard for it.

But there was more….  Yara  Michels ( Chapter Friday) Negin Mirsalehi  (fashion blogger) and Linda Tol  (Trendwatcher)  were there to explain and share their experience on what it takes to grow your blog and what’s the key to success. The funny part (to me) was the question what their future plans would be  once they turned 30, would they still be blogging?  Knowing that I started my blog when I was 38 and still learning every day.  That  question was quite amusing to me.  Ladies, there is no age limited in doing what you love!

After the Q&A it was time to connect with the other fashion bloggers, meet  the publishers (Senanga), and found out more about the Olympus camera  by none other than Brendan de  Clercq (ambassador  Olympus). All this while enjoying a drink and snack.  The atmosphere was amazing and I would definitely join this event again.


  1. Write Unique Content
  2. Do your research, find your niche
  3. Sometimes it’s worth not to ask money
  4. connect with other bloggers
  5. Do everything with passion
  6. Don’t give up





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