How are my fashionista’s doing today?

Today we breath in all the happiness and exhale all the negativities, because we are beautiful, healthy ladies, that alone is something to celebrate. With that said, I have to admit that I got that alter ego something, something going on. It’s the playsuit I’m wearing that brought me my alter ego mood. Yah, I got an alter ego. My alter ego keeps me strong and confident, in times my insecurities take over.


sized_IMG_8865jumpsuitplus size fashionplus size fashion blogmango jumpsuitsized_IMG_9017Mango Fashion jumpsuitplus size fashion

I needed my alter ego while making this post. After snow comes the sun paired with some “not ready for the sun to see bare legs”. The weather outside needed some skin, so here we go!  I picked up my swag  to put on this jump. Do you like it? One year ago  I simply wouldn’t dare to wear this kind of playsuits, to many issues with my body. This year I decided not to care. So, does this mean I have grown? I hope so, with a little help from my alter ego (that little confidence voice)

I must say: We girls are our own worst critics , I still can’t believe how we put each other down and still hope for the outside world to accept us.  We should lift each other up with a ‘wauw you look good’, I probably wouldn’t wear that, but you look good in it!  Girls, you know what your best is, don’t let anyone tell you different.

Would you wear this playsuit?

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 What I’m wearing

Jumpsuit Mango|High Heels H&M (old)|Handmade Necklace New Delhi|Clutch H&M (old)|Hat H&M|Hair by Isabelle International|Ring H&M| Pink Bra Primark



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