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First of all, I want to congratulate Elomi with their 10th birthday. A big hooray for catering us with high-quality fabrics that will embrace and support our curves. We all know that the struggle is real when it comes to lingerie, especially for us fuller bust and hips girls. Every woman has a different body to serve and we all have our own wishes to meet up to when it comes to underwear. I’m so happy to see how Elomi provides us with comfort, support and a dose of sexiness at the same time.

Ever since I laid my eyes on Tori I instantly fell in love. The sheer soft caramel colorway is definitely out of my comfort zone. I’ve been wearing black lingerie and shapewear for years now. I can’t even remember when I started wearing black underwear exclusively.

I gained weight

2018 was all about change for me and trying different styles. It was time to get out of my safe zone, even though I gained a few pounds and I had to rediscover my body and sizing again. For once in my life, I didn’t feel bad about gaining weight. Nobody has the power to stop what you’ve been blessed with and I’m blessed with a healthy curvy body.

Brands like Elomi are good for the confidence boost.

As soon as you put on one of their lingerie pieces you will feel the difference in comfort and support. The plunge bra and briefs come with beautiful roses and the bra has a removable décolleté motif for a standout look. I mean… gorgeous right?



Happy B day Elomi

Happy B day ElomiWithout blushing I’m giving a big shout-out to Elomi. Not only for making us fuller women feel sexy, confident and providing us with the full support that we need but also to include us where most brands stop with their sizing range.

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