After having one month off from planning and organising it was time to ‘get ready’ again. I had to prepare myself for my first flight after my Holiday. Time to say goodbye to my ‘free willy’ life. I have to admit, it was kinda hard to start the engine again. But we are on flightmode again, and the first flight on my schedule: New Delhi.

Here we go! Packing, unpacking, checking in and out from Holiday Inn to Sheraton hotels worldwide, must sound exciting to you, right? And of course it’s a lifestyle that I would never exchange for anything else but to every highend is also a lowend. Jetlags, missing a good party, not home during the Holiday’s and like I said, you have to plan everything two months ahead, that’s not easy sometimes. Questions like : Where will I be, what should I pack, at what time do I have to report at the airport, when  will I  be home, are my daily routine questions. Because I travel so much I keep my suitcase sort of standard, what I mean is, my beauty products, swimsuit, flip-flops and high heels always stay in my suitcase, so I only have to add some current stuff. Like, for this trip to New Delhi  with only a 24 hours layover I decided to pack this dynamic green high low dress. Poolside proof with flats but also dinner ready with some wedges under nite  the dress. Easy, multifunctional , comfortable and colorful all at once. With a temperature of 40 degrees (104 F) it was too hot to even be outside the hotel. So no exploring of India on this trip.

PLUS SIZE BLOGGERsized_CURVY FASHION BLOGGERsized_Dutch curvy fashion bloggersized_primark flatssized_GREEN DRESSsized_close up Do you like high low dresses or do you prefer the maxi dress?

Dress New Yorker|Earrings H&M Divided|Shoes Primark|Belt Sissy Boy (old)



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