November 7, I decided to attend a special VIP sales from fashion brand Dyanne Beekman. I’m always looking for inspiration. I was quite familiar with the brand (D) Dyanne but wanted to look around and view the entire collection.  Sometimes you just need to experience the feeling of clothing to understand how to wear it. What better experience than to visit the headquarters.

sized_D Dyanne Beekman
I certainly loved all the inspiration quotes throughout the building, and the livingroom kind of atmosphere made me feel at home.

sized_DYANNE BEEKMAN-003Dyanne Beekmansized_DYANNE BEEKMAN-002

While enjoying a snack and drink I walked thru the very beautiful, sleek yet homely headquoters.


I love the concept from “coat to bag” in Dutch it’s also called van “jas tot tas”. We all know the moment standing infront of our overstuffed closet with absolutely nothing to wear. Yeah right !! I bet you have tons of options but sometimes you just don’t see it. Dyanne helps you out by sharing her tips and tricks and offering some awesome workshops. Find out more here

During the Vip shopping spree I noticed how relaxed all visitors were. What I loved most about this shopping spree was having the comfort and help of stylist walking around. They also shared some tips and tricks, and helped out finding the right sizes, while you enjoy your drink.  Comfort all over, witch  once again all bears to a good atmosphere.  One of the most important things if you buy clothes is to know your body type. With all the inspiration and motivation signs it was a party to figure that out.DYANNE BEEKMAN-005

With all bags, coats, jeans and  to my surprise shoes, I couldn’t resist to try something on.fab and luxury curves

fab and luxury Dyanne Beekman van jas tot tas

Of course I will put a nice outfit together with 1 item from the Dyanne+ collection. You will find it here on the blog soon, so stay tuned. Want to experience the VIP (D) Dyanne Beekman shopping spree too? Make sure you subscibe to her online newslette

have you discovered your favorite item on the website yet?


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