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What a great day it was at the MS mode #timetosparkle holiday shoot. I felt overwhelmed with joy and pampered by the MS mode team as they did everything to make us (Josine, Hermina, Dionne, Els and Iris) feel special and extraordinary. Thank you MS team, for the wonderful experience. I’m very excited to show you the end result.

“It’s December beautiful you, and that means”:

‘It’s time to sparkle’







Saskia- curve power


 We all are beautiful woman! That’s the message I felt from MS mode while shooting these photo’s. Although I may never be perfect enough for the fashion industry that defines perfection from the outside in, I felt pretty damn good showing off my curves, my thighs, rolls and my cellulite, because it’s a part of me. What defines me is not my size, it’s me with all my flaws and all. I’m a host of imperfection and I’m okay with that. I accept my body, I embrace her, I love her, because she is my home. I celebrate her, she gave me my babies and the stripes that accompanied. Sometimes I ask a lot of her, but as long as she is healthy, I’m happy! To me, that’s what #Curvepower is about.

Maybe I’m exaggerating, but MS mode is throwing a real statement into the world by not only using women with different sizes and shapes but also using women with different backgrounds. I believe that’s something big too. By doing that, MS mode will reach so much more beautiful ladies out there who can identify themselves with the story we all are telling and sharing.

We are bold, we are strong, and we don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful!

What’s your #curvepower moment?

Let’s  celebrate the ‘power of curves’. I’m very happy with the dress I wore during the shoot. You will find the whole party collection here including my dress.

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Ph credits Michiel Maessen| Make up artist Stef Ralbovsky


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