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How about playing a little lipstick tinder game with me? This month I’m trying a view new colors from different brands. I hope to fall in love with a  new lipstick stain. Today I’m showing you my first match called Blèzi. Beautiful name right?

Let’s find out more!

blezi cosmetics review

I‘m starting this review battle with this beautiful red rebellious color. I have to admit, that I was already in love with this color before I even tried it. Because I didn’t want to make a mistake by judging a book by it’s cover, I decided to give it a try for at least one week.

rebellious red
blezi cosmetics

The package is clean and simple, nothing really fancy. The applicator has that little bow, that makes it  easy to apply the lipstick more precisely. After applying this red alert lipstick for at least 1 week, I can defenitely say, that it’s a keeper!

Beauty look

Blèzi Lip Fix is a liquid lipstick formula that provides exceptionally long intense color on your lips! The high-quality ingredients ensure a perfect conditioning of your lips and let them soft, comfortable and smooth to the touch. In addition, Blèzi is smudge, water and kissproof. I really found my mojo back with this lipstick. Apply a thin layer of Blèzi Lip Fix to clean lips. Let this layer dry for about 1 minute and you’re off to go. You don’t have to be a make-up pro to pull it off.

 The perfect all day lasting red lippies for only 17,99-   38 rebellious lip fix buy here

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