Hi beautiful,

Ha! I’m totally beyond excitement. Finally I can share this very exciting news with you. I teamed up with Belloya.com a brand new Dutch fashion brand. Hooray!!

Are you that fashionable real time curvy woman who’s confident with her size and style? Then Belloya is here for you to add that extra shine into your wardrobe. I’m happy to share my very own exclusive Belloya style with you and throw that extra fierceness into the mix.

Belloya is more then just a brand it’s a community that stands for ‘body positivity’.

Good quality, basic pieces that each and every one of us could mix and match into our own style. I love the fact that Belloya sizes her collection from size 42 up to size 54, they decided to translate these measurements from 0 up to size 6. I’m a size 2, to me that sounds so funny ’cause I’ve never been a size 2 in my whole life. (lol)

 Body positivity is something I proudly stand for.

Are you ready to make a statement, ’cause I am.


Belloya.nl x fab and Luxury curves
Belloya.nl X Fab and Luxury curves

Fab and Luxury Curves
Belloya.nl curvy fashion


I enjoy helping women with their self-esteem. I love to keep it floaty without being to dramatic about it. By pointing out how bold, brilliant and beautiful we are in our own way, I aspire to keep you guys inspired in every possible way.

Remember, there is no such thing as the perfect body, and it’s perfectly alright not to be perfect.  I hope someone out there will feel better about herself while reading this.

You are beautiful, just ’cause you are beautiful, period! I definitely have some insecurities too, don’t get me wrong, but why not focus on the positive parts and try to work with all the good stuff your momma gave you!

Let’s step into this journey together!

” I aspire to be a giver.
A giver of love, A giver of good vibes and a giver of strength and confidence”.

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What I’m wearing

Dress and Blazer c/o Belloya.com 



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