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Beside fashion you can also spot the first upcoming hair trends on the runway. One season it’s all about the pixie bob and during others, it’s all about long hair. If you’ve been following me a little bit longer, you must know that I’m always looking for new trends. Since I’ve been getting lots of compliments on my hair, I thought it would be nice to share more information on how I updo my hairstyle. A view months ago I started a cool collaboration with Hair by Geneebee.



I’ve been wearing my blond lace wig for about six months now. If you don’t know what a lace wig is, let me explain it first. A lace wig is an extension system that covers your own hair. Wigs made with a thin sheer lace base inside the cap are called lace wigs. There are different type of lace-wig units available, so be sure to do your own research and find out what system suits you best. I prefer a full lace wig. I find it easy to wear and very natural looking. It looks like your hair is growing out of your scalp, and you can  style your hair any way you like, without seeing any tracks.

Hair by Geneebee

To me this is the perfect hair solution because you can change your appearance without compromising the condition of your hair.

After  I explained to Geneebee how I wanted my lace-wig unit to look like, they gave me the perfect advice and shared their knowledge on what would be best for me. Geneebee stands for ‘YOUR HAIR, YOUR STYLE’. Personal care and advice is very important to them. Explaining all possibilities and creating your own unique style is their expertise. 

We decided to go for a custom made  full lace wig. With that I mean, that my wig was individually hand-tied. This is not a self made wig!  The lace color is light brown and the hair that was used to make this wig is Peruvian natural wavy hair.

hair by geneebee

Like I was telling you before, I’ve been wearing my lace-wig for 6 months now. Enough time to review the hair quality and share my personal experience with you. I washed, straightened, blow- dried and curled the hair. Basically anything you normally would do with your natural hair, I did. The first thing I noticed was that the hair is absolute tangle free. Nothing worse than detangling your wig. Like your own hair, you have to take care of your wig very carefully so it stays in good condition. A lace wig is extremely delicate so use a heat protector while curling or straightening your wig.

Hair by Geneebee


I love that this lace-wig came with baby hair on the hairline. The fact that there are shorter hair pieces here and there ensure that the wig look very natural. The original hair color is still visible on top of the lace-wig (dark brown color). Because I wanted an ash blond wig, we decided to dye the hair by a professional hairdresser. It’s possible to dye your virgin hair in any color you like! How cool and fashionable that is!

Hair by Geneebee

I like to wear my hair long, but you can order your  lace wig or hair pieces in any desire length you wish. The length of my hair is 24 inch. The medium density of this lace-wig is very realistic and once again ensures that natural look.

Hair by Geneebee


Once you have your ready- to -wear lace wig, you can rely on the grace of lace. So if you’re ready to rock some Beyonce or Gisele Bünchen inspired hairstyle or have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Geneebee 

This post is part of my ongoing collaboration with Geneebee. All opinions are my own.


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