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It’s been a while since my last blog update. My blog is as irregular as my life right now. Of course, I plan to pick up my old schedule as soon as possible again. Since I’ve been flying from Uganda to South Korea I’m a queen of jet lags these days.  Besides that I wasn’t in the mood for blogging at all since the Germain Wings flight. As a flight attendant these things are so unreal and so close to the heart that you have to stop and think.

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So, the worst blogger award goes to yours truly. I needed to clear my mind and with that came my closet. How many clothes could a girl have, OMG! I decided to start this Spring with a closet detox. Easier said than done….., I forgot about all these hidden treasures. Because I was indecisive about what I should or should not keep I called in  some help from my best friend. We decided to go for a Sex and the City “Carrie Bradshaw” closet detox.  This was a perfect opportunity to assess the clothes hoarding situation I had gotten myself into.

We started with two glasses of white wine. Double fun! Me fitting all my hesitate items and putting some awesome outfits together! This is one of them. Although I really love this asymmetrical dress because of the color and print, I wasn’t sure about this asymmetrical thing. I’m recently more into that rebel look, so I combined this girly dress with a biker jacket. With that, the dress turned into a  immediate closet keeper again. These shoes are from the H&M (coachella) collection. The fit of these shoes are ah-ma-zing! Even when your not a high heel lover, these are a must try, believe me.

With detoxing my closet I cleared my head, my girlfriend and I had fun, and along came some unexpected awesome outfit combinations, whoop whoop!

What I’m wearing

Biker Jacket Bershka (old)| Dress H&M| Shoes H&M coachella collection (shop here)|Hair by Geneebee| Bag YSL dupe Rings H&M|Sunglasses Primark|


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