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I can’t believe it’s already February, time flies by so quickly.Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters in life.

 I wanted to share this special friendship with one of my dearest friends with you. We lost track of each other for a while but last year we renewed our friendship. What better day to celebrate our friendship than on Valentine’s Day.

Sure, we think of Valentine’s Day as a holiday for couples; however, it’s also a day to celebrate the many loves and friendships in our lives.

From the love we feel for family and friends to our deep appreciation for those who make our lives a little easier, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to say ‘thank you’.

I couldn’t resist to look beautiful but yet casual at the same time for this special occasion. I’ve been eyeballing this look ever since I saw Ashley Graham wearing it during her Marina Rinaldi X Ashley Graham launch in one of the New York stores. Have you already seen the collection? If not, make sure to stay tuned because this collection is everything Ashley stands for.

She wants women to look beautiful regardless of their size. By looking at this collection she sure tells me that there is no wrong way to have a body. The whole collection is screaming: “you can wear tight fitted clothes girl,…. and look sexy too!”

So here I am, flaunting the denim Marina Rinaldi X Ashley Graham top, combined with these cool wide pants.

Marina Rinaldi X Ashley Graham denim collection


Stretch leather Jacket and Denim top || Marina Rinaldi X Ashley Graham ‘Let’s Denim’

Pants|| Happy Size

Shoes ||H&M

Sunglasses || Tom Ford

Belt || Primark 


Saskia X The Chapter Chapter The Curvy Chapter Let's Denim The Curvy Chapter X Ashley Graham Let's Denim The Curvy Chapter Valentine The Curvy Chapter Marina Rinaldi X Ashley Graham denim collection

Even if you don’t have a special Valentine this year, looking beyond the romantic side, I’m sure there will be lots of other ways to share the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

Happy V-day my sweets!

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